Uncomfortable Inclusion

Creating a Culture of High Performance

What does it take to bring an Organ Procurement Organization (OPO) back from the brink of dissolution and transform it into the best OPO on the planet? Uncomfortable Inclusion. Nevada Donor Network CEO, Joe Ferreira created a high performance culture in his organization, and now he’s challenging leaders in every industry to engage employees, embrace full transparency, and create high performance company cultures with stakeholders and decision makers at every level of the organization.


Joe Ferreira is an internationally-renowned authority on Organ Procurement Organizations and his leadership turned an organization on the brink of disaccreditation into the gold standard for this industry. Today, he is showing leaders not only how to turn around a failing organization, but how they can put their company at the vanguard.

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With Uncomfortable Inclusion, Nevada Donor Network shares the story of how he took a mismanaged organization with an ambivalent company culture and disaffected workforce and turned it into the premier Organ Procurement Organization in the world. Relating the lesson learned along the way and the proven principles that got him here, Ferreira envisions a new corporate culture; one based on transparency, accountability, emotional intelligence, and innovation. With the guidance of Uncomfortable Inclusion, leaders in any industry can begin to transform their organization into a high performance powerhouse.

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Joe Ferreira speaking

“The ability to be humble and empathetic is key to creating an environment of inclusivity.”

Joe Ferreira is inspiring audiences of CXOs across the country with his message of uncomfortable inclusion. Encouraging leaders to be fully transparent with employees—to the point of discomfort—Ferreira’s ethic of inclusion creates a company-wide network of stakeholders that engages everyone in the organization with even the small decisions.

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