Where The Magic Happens

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Have you ever experienced magic? The kind of magic I’m talking about isn’t rooted in the supernatural. In fact, everyone has experienced it at some point. It’s a wizardry that’s easily conjured when everyday things are in harmonious flow. With this practical sorcery on your side, collaboration and productivity skyrocket, but without it, the situation […]

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Embracing The Entrepreneurial Spirit In The Nonprofit Arena

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If an individual embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, they are confident, curious, and creative. They’re an extremely self-motivated problem solver who loves to discover new and better ways of doing things. They never settle for average if excellence is within reach. They own their ideas, their actions, and whatever happens as a result. Doesn’t this sound […]

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Dangerous Culture Characteristics In Companies And Their Antidotes

An organization can only reach the level of success that its established culture will allow. Even if profitability is initially achieved with a weak or toxic culture in place, it won’t prove sustainable in the long-term. Whether your culture is intentionally designed or simply in place by default, it guides and influences everything. Reversing Cultural […]

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Your Critics Are Often Some Of Your Most Valuable Resources

Long-term success is rarely achieved with ease and leisure. Some level of discomfort is necessary to attain a worthwhile goal. And yet humans have a natural tendency to avoid discomfort—sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Hearing negative feedback about yourself or your organization is extremely uncomfortable, but the insights you can gain from it are priceless. Today […]

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Funding Life – The Financial Hurdles of Organ Donation and Transplantation

In April, we celebrate Donate Life Month, an annual event to raise awareness about organ donation, encourage more Americans to register as donors, and honor those who have already changed lives through their donations. The procedures made possible through organ donation and transplantation are life-changing and in many cases lifesaving.  At any given time, there […]

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Using Partnerships and Collaboration to Improve Healthcare

Around the world, individuals with critical health conditions are waiting for organs they need to heal and continue living a healthy, meaningful life through transplantation. While excellent systems are in place to match heroic donor organs to the recipients, red tape and limited inter-organizational collaboration can lead to missed opportunities, resulting in the inability to […]

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7 Keys To Leading Business Turnarounds And Culture Change

Post co-written by Carol V Mitchell, Ph. D., cofounder Talent Strategy Partners and author of Collaboration Code Companies see collaborative leaders as essential in today’s partnership-oriented business environments. They foster unity across organizational silos to make decisions quickly, gain cross-functional collaboration, and create cohesive teams. They build trust and engagement. These skills are also critical to […]

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